Cad Services

CAD Services and 3D Modeling

A prominent provider of quality CAD services, CAD Services NY offers an array of cost-effective Computer-aided Design, Computer-aided Drafting and 3D Modeling services.

Computer-Aided Design

CAD Services NY can assist you with conceptual design in a number of areas.

·         Electrical Design

Whether it is electric power distribution systems or lighting system, wiring systems or power layout system, CAD Services NY provide design services for many types of electrical engineering projects.

·         Mechanical Design

From chilled water flow diagram to steam flow diagram, exhaust air riser diagram to heating hot water riser diagram, floor plan showing duct work and pipe to piping diagrams, we undertake a wide range of mechanical engineering design tasks.

·         Structural Design

CAD Services NY can assist you with the design of both buildings and non building structures.

·         Electronic Design

Our scope includes working on projects related to electronic product design, telecommunication tower site design, telecommunication equipment design, instrumentation system design of many types of electronic models, and more.

Computer-Aided Drafting Services

The computer aided drafting services we provide include:

·         Electrical Drafting Services

Our range of services include drawings of wiring designs, lighting system plans, electrical site plans, electrical panel schedules, and more.

·         Mechanical Drafting Services

From drawings of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), plumbing to all type of heat exchanges, we are capable of giving you output files that meet your specifications accurately.

·         Electronic Drafting Services

CAD Services NY can undertake different types of drafting projects from electronic schematic drawings to drawings related to digital electronics.

·         Architectural Drafting Services

You can give us your drawings of landscapes or interiors, floor plans or elevations, our architectural draftsmen are capable of handling them all.

·         Structural Drafting Services

Our scope in this area is wide, including drawings for foundation plan, RCC & steel plan and machine foundation details, welded or bolted steel connections, shallow, and raft and pile foundation drawing.

3D Modeling

CAD Services NY can give excellent 3-dimensional effects to your plans drawings and diagrams. CAD Services NY provides 3D Modeling solutions in the areas of Architectural Modeling and Mechanical Modeling.

If you have any queries about our CAD services or would like to see some of our design and drafting samples, please feel free to contact us.