About Us

Computer Aided Design: About Us

CAD Services NY is a team of innovative minds and expert heads committed to providing competent and valuable engineering support solutions. Our engineers and draftsmen are capable of handling a wide spectrum of CAD services projects, be it architecture, electronic, electrical, mechanical, structural or 3D Modeling, we have the resources to provide you different solutions efficiently.

At CAD Services NY, we strive to provide sensible, efficient and accurate services to our clients. CAD Services NY have the infrastructure and resources to meet any of the business requirements of the clients. Our company policies are created to accommodate continuous expansion, flexibility and constant development in quality, quantity and scope of services and give maximum support to our client’s business interests.

Benefits by CAD outsourcing your services requirements to us:

  • 98-100% accuracy in meeting specifications provided by the client
  • Familiarity with AIA Standards, ASME and BS codes
  • Round the clock service
  • Ability to accept a variety of input formats, including paper drawings
  • Ability to give outputs in a number of formats
  • Foolproof security protocols
  • Cost Effectiveness

CAD Services NY has substantial experience providing engineering drafting and design support CAD services. Our clients range from small firms to multinational companies.

If you have any queries about our professionals cad services or would like to see some of our design and drafting samples, please feel free to contact us.