To give you a brief back ground, CAD Services  is an ISO 9001:2008 certified established GIS, CAD, Data  conversion & 3D Rendering service provider from India providing services to customers around the globe since a long time. Please visit our website for more details about our company.

With this email, I am pursuing an opportunity for partnership for a long-term relationship, for a high quality and cost-effective CAD and GIS services to your organization.

Some of our GIS/ CAD Conversion & Drafting Services:

1. CAD Services
a. Hand sketch to CAD conversion
b. Paper to CAD conversion
c. Raster to vector conversion
d. PDF to CAD conversion
e. CAD Facility management
f. AutoCAD Drafting
g. Architectural CAD drafting
h. HVAC Plan
i. Electrical installation plan
j. Electrical Schematics Plan
k. Fire Plans
l. Measured Survey plan
m. Annotation of Existing Plans
n. Asbestos Location Plans
o. Building Layouts
p. 3D CAD Modeling
q. BIM Services
r. MEP (HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing)
s. Structural CAD Drafting

2.Survey drafting
a. Development Permit plan drafting
b. Real Property Report plan drafting
c. Cell Tower Survey drafting
d. ALTA-ACSM Land Title plan conversion
e. As-Built Survey plan conversion, Stakeouts
f. Topographic Survey drafting

3. GIS Services
a. GIS Data conversion
b. Remote Sensing
c. Utility Mapping
d. Utility pole loading analysis
e. Cadastral Mapping
f. Parcel Mapping
g. Topographic Mapping
h. LiDAR Mapping
i. Orthophoto Digitization
j. Zoning Mapping
k. Photogrammetry
l. Cartography

4. 3D visualization Services
a. Exterior Visualization
b. Interior Visualization
c. 3D Floor plan
d. 3D Photomontage
e. 3D Panorama View
f. 3d Walkthrough Animation

Followings are the reasons why you should choose NYC CAD Services  as your outsourcing partner:

– NYC CAD Services employs a team of Dedicated, Experienced and Expert Engineering professionals
– Flexible Production Schedule
– 24 hours turn-around Delivery Processes
– Delivery of Projects within Deadline
– International Standard Outputs
– Ensurance of High Quality & Cost-effective Services
– Open to signing up agreements on non-disclosure and confidentiality
– Satisfied Customers across the Globe.
– Affordable Pricing
– Ensurance of Information Security

If you have any queries about our professionals cad services or would like to see some of our design and drafting samples, please feel free to contact us.